General Notes

To get started you will need the following:

  • Some basic PHP knowledge
  • A PHP host site where your PHP pages will live
  • The include file
  • The include file
  • Text editor
  • A wikidot site
  • A wikidot API key

The 2 include files can be found here.

About the Wrapper Classes

The PHP Wrapper Classes are extended from the API class to make the calling of the API more straight forward within PHP. Simple PHP arrays, text strings, and numbers are used with the classes. The extended classes handle the data format and conversion for you. All of the API methods can be implemented in a PHP-only page. Some of the examples include some javascript to allow for you to input your site, page, file and other variables instead of hard-coding them into the PHP page. Only add the criteria you need. The API methods have optional arguments that need to be left undefined if you don't plan to use them. For example, passing a category of "*" will actually look for a category called "*" instead of using the "*" as a wildcard.


  1. Collect the above items.
  2. Place the 2 include files on your PHP host site.
  3. Look through this site for examples of how to use the extended classes in the file.
  4. Replace the generic ALL CAPS variables to match your specific case.
  5. Adjust the examples to include your own functions and error checking.
  6. Share your code!
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