The primary purpose of this site is to document and provide details on how to use the Wikidot API with PHP.

Since PHP does not work inside Wikidot HTML blocks, you must have have access to your own web host that supports PHP. All of the live demos in the API Methods section are hosted on Ed Johnson's 1and1.com site.

A major goal of this site is provide complete samples of working code that will require minimal editing on your part to make it work. We would also like to see this site become a resource and repository of code samples for doing specific tasks via the Wikidot API.

A special thanks goes to those who were early adopters of the API and provided enough code snippets to give us a jump-start into learning to use the API with PHP.

All of the code samples in the API Methods section were written by Jerad Whitaker, a rocket scientist turned Wikidot guru. Be sure to say "Hi" to Jerad in the forum!

Please feel free to join this site if you'd like to contribute your own examples and document different ways we can use the Wikidot API with PHP.

Unless otherwise stated, the content of this page is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 License